Welcome to Kakatiya University

Message from Inc. Vice Chancellor

Greetings from Kakatiya University
For nearly 38 years Kakatiya University has served students as a public university providing the highest Quality of education in a personal environment.

As we believe in individual and collective research by the faculty and the scholars the students of the university have the distinction of becoming active part of today,s competitive world.
The university is committed to meet the augmented demand in the expansion of our facilities time to time. Since it's established in 1976 several steps were taken for the overall development of the infrastructure facilities in order to carter to the requirement of each and every participant of the university.
I am delighted to introduce a new chapter in the history of Kakatiya University. The chapter sets a platform for students and colleges from different locations to a network. We come up with a most innovative part of automating our information. This automation has changed our daily lives, has changed the way we live.
To speed up the process and increase the accuracy and quality, I encourage you all to explore our new automation and learn all about our academic progress, campus life and admissions.
I welcome you to be a partner in the legacy of success and achievement.

Message from Inc.Registrar

Greetings from Kakatiya University
The only way to win and stay ahead in today competitive world is to stay relevant. This is where Kakatiya University comes in with over 38 years of committed scholars,

we made our students outstanding by providing relevant education in that meets the competition in this competitive world.
One must accept the fact that university has turned out remarkably high in the technology aspects. The automation in our daily lives has changed the way we live. I would welcome you all to a technical era.
Apart from automation we have launched may more applications which will help our students to discuss about their interesting topics and reach out to college crowd. To speed up the process and increase the accuracy and quality, I encourage you all to explore our new automation and learn all about our academic progress, campus life and admissions.
Having updated with latest technology it’s important for all of us to explore, enrich And share the ideas to enhance the quality of our education.
I extend a warm welcome to all the colleges and students who are associated with Kakatiya University for outstanding opportunities through our automation.

Message from COE

Greetings from Kakatiya University
We are living in an age of momentum of knowledge and innovation where the keys to success lie with the ability to create new knowledge and discover new ideas.

In order to accomplish our vision and mission, we are prepared to take as much effort as possible for the betterment of academic scenario in India.
Very often the students, teachers and college administrators are put in a disadvantageous situation because of the absence of adequate access to information concerning the University Examination system. University has rightly resolved to directly reach out to the students and another private college management with all relevant information concerning the examination System of the University.
I am proud to inform you that we have introduced the best quality online system for smother and faster operations. Going forward all the examination branch information will follow the e-governance system that includes Circulars , Notifications, information examination regulations, Question formats, model questions, distribution of marks, schedule of examinations and proposed dates for the publication of results, fee structure and academic calendar.
The preparation of the centralized data has been a large and challenging task; however we are confident that the central data will reduce clashes for students' information and increase the use of that information which will make an important and positive difference to our University community as a whole.
I invite you all too new era of automation of our University and request you all to extend the support to update all the student information along with marks for mid, semester and practical marks in this tracker. With heartfelt thanks to all colleges for your excellent support, I wish you to know that your guidance will be valuable as we move forward.
We will keep you apprised as we continue to make progress in this very important work.

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